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Wizard Of

Co-Produced by Kansas City Ballet, Colorado Ballet, Royal Winnipeg Ballet in 2018. This three million dollar ballet version of the classic L. Frank Baum book and the 1939 film took over three years to develop. Since its world premiere in 2018, this ballet has been performed by multiple ballet companies around the world and will be mounted again in 2022, 2023, 2024, and beyond. 

Design Presentation

The following design presentation was done in person with mounted printed images. I read the lines from the book as I showed these images to the artistic team. This presentation is primarily about the color story of the ballet, as this was considered to be the most important part of the lighting design. I have tried to "re-create" this idea through the following slide presentation.


For extra fun, press the play me button below to hear the overture, which was the first piece of music we heard at our design presentation!

Play Me!

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Light Plot & Paperwork

Production Images

Photos by Trad A Burns, Hiromi Platt & KCBallet Media
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